Emilie’s Relay

A fundraising relay from Edinburgh to London over five days in May 2013.

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  1. It was a privilege to witness a baton-handover outside my home in Northumberland this summer’s evening, as a stalwart runner finished his 20 mile leg (ouch!) and met his support group/fellow runners.
    I went outside to investigate the mysterious appearance of a threesome of well-spoken young people ‘hanging around’ our corner of the A696, where there is nothing to hang around for but trees and fields. Having gone out to offer first aid/tea/ring the police, I was standing with them as a faint light appeared in the distance, wobbling southwards towards us where we stood at the Village’s western boundary. A high-vis vest gradually declared itself, as the waiting group explained about Emilie and the fantastic work being done in her name.
    The high-vis jacket morphed into two men with a torch and very tired legs, running (yes, running) into the Village to the enthusiastic applause of three team mates and one bemused but impressed local resident.
    Well done, you guys! I hope it’s smooth running all the way to London.

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