Emilies Charities

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Kent Coastal Challenge

on March 18, 2015

On March 13th 2015, Michael Nowicki, Phil Bradburn, and Keith Dean set out to take on the Kent Coastal Challenge. The run took them from Dartford to Hythe over a period of four days – a total of 176.4 gruelling miles (including a total ascent of 7,700ft). They were joined by friends: Andrew Burgess, Graham Perkins, Liam Gibson, Zoe Norman, Sophie Ravenscroft, Sarah Cox, Michael Nicolaides, Simon Roberts, Sarah Doughty, Susie Bradburn, James Lampert, Paul Thompson, and Michael White at various points on the way. Phil and Keith completed the run in the dark on the evening of March 16th (Emilie’s birthday). Unfortunately, Michael couldn’t join them on day four as he twisted his ankle towards the end of day three. We’d like to congratulate all the brave and hardy souls involved and extend special thanks to Michael for organising the event and arranging for sponsorship to go to Emilie’s Charities!

Michael, Phil, Sarah and Keith after day three


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