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Investing in children's futures


San Ignacio Home and School / Rosa de Anze Home

We have sponsored the higher education of a number of youngsters who were either resident at one of these homes of at the San Ignacio school. Three of the girls from the San Ignacio have now graduated as teachers and another with a medical degree. We previously helped with the expenses of two boys in the final year of the school, which is adjacent to the San Ignacio Home. In 2019 we funded the further education of two boys from the school, both doing IT-related courses. Additionally a boy and a girl we were sponsoring completed their courses in Nursing and Medical Technology, respectively in 2019.

ANET (Amigos de los Niños Excepcionales Tarija).

ANET was set up to help disadvantaged children with disabilities. Emilie’s Charities is continuing sponsoring the education of young adults each year at the home; in 2019 six were sponsored. Subjects in which sponsored students have graduated include: Law, Languages, Music Teaching and Business Administration

Casa de la Alegria Home

We previously sponsored the further education of one of the girls from the home who received a degree in languages. We are currently sponsoring a second girl who is doing a Social Studies course.

SOS Children’s Village Cochabamba
Emilie’s Charities is sponsoring three siblings at the SOS Children’s home in Cochabamba. The Emilie’s Charities sponsorship contributes towards the cost of their living in a very loving family unit.

Ushpa Ushpa

We are now sponsoring the university education of seven youngsters from families living under marginal economic conditions from the settlement of Mineros San Juan Ushpa-Ushpa near Cochabamba. Subjects being studied include, petroleum engineering, business administration, social communication and teaching. One girl completed her hairdressing course in 2019. We were previously also able to provide the money which allowed the local health care centre to remain open and expand. Additionally a room for psychological evaluation at a school was able to be completed using funds from Emilie’s Charities.

Tres Soles and other

We are currently sponsoring the education of a girl who attended the Tres Soles home (she lost her parents respectively to a road accident and a stabbing). She is studying business administration. We are also contributing to the primary/secondary education cost of two children from a poor family near Cochabamba.

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