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Lucy’s Marathon!

Emilie’s cousin Lucy has been training hard (even getting in some half marathons!) getting ready to do the 2014 London marathon, which she’s kindly offered to do on behalf of Emilie’s Charities. Many thanks Lucy!

If you would like to sponsor Lucy’s efforts, please click here

Lucy pauses for the camera while training!

Lucy pauses for the camera while training!

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Interview with John Ramsay (organiser of Emilie’s Relay)

After completing the last leg of Emilie’s Relay, organiser John Ramsay was interviewed by Anna Cookson. To see the interview click here


Arrival at St Pauls

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Emilie’s Relay Update!

The Relay, from Edinburgh to London involving over 100 runners running five miles each or more, took place between May 2nd and May 6th 2013 ending at the steps of St Pauls around 3.30pm. Pictures and posts from the whole event can be found on the Emilie’s Relay Facebook page.

relay 2013 lambeth bridge (2)

To all those involved in this fantastic, wonderful, event: to those who ran a leg (or several!), whether as a panda, reptile, tiger, super hero, leopard, fox, rabbit, cow, bloodhound, fruit, children’s TV character, in other guise, or in civvies, for their energy and efforts; to all the brilliant routemasters for the tremendous work they put in to make everything go smoothly; to everybody who has very kindly sponsored the runners for their generosity; to everybody who has contributed to the Facebook page/Twitter for their support, kind words and good humour; to all those who were able to come to the after-party for their support and top dancing!; to those involved in setting up the website and MyDonate pages; to anybody involved in the event in anyway not covered by the above; and, although already mentioned in every category above(!), very special thanks indeed to the amazing John Ramsay, whose idea it was in the first place and who not only set the whole, military-scale operation in action but also followed the baton down from start to finish and ran over fifty miles in the process. No words are enough to thank you John – you’re simply the best!

Arrival at St Pauls


There was such a glow about this whole event from start to finish. Emilie would have been so proud of you all.


catz group

Once again, our very, very sincere and grateful thanks to everyone involved on behalf of ourselves and all the youngsters who will benefit from your kindness and generosity. Love Martin and Judy (Emilie’s parents)


hands on baton




martin eleanor Holyrood start






rabbit fox superman croc



arrival st Paul's


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Emilie’s Relay

A fundraising relay from Edinburgh to London over five days in May 2013.


Polly’s Half Marathon

Having never completed anything remotely sporting, Polly Liverton decided to train to run a 1/2 marathon and raise money for Emilie’s Charities at the same time. The 1/2 marathon took place around Greenwich in September 2010 and was completed in 2hrs 22 minutes, raising over £1,500 for Emilie’s Charities. Polly lives to tell the tale!

Polly after the ordeal (still smiling)

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Catz Fundraisers

Fundraising activities at St Catherine’s College Oxford (Catz) have included various musical evenings (open mic and Entz), cake sales, a quad marathon and two calendars (inspired by Calendar Girls). Other events organised by Catz students, which have taken place off site have included: a sponsored hitchhike, sponsored skydiving;  cricket and football  matches involving Catz old boys and many others,

The 2006 Quad Marathon

including a half marathon.

2007 Calendar (April)

A sponsored relay between Edinburgh and London is currently being organised by ex-Catz students (for details click here)

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Catz and Dogs Cricket

For the past four years Chris Bargate and Paul Adams have arranged an annual cricket match between ex students of St Catherine’s College Oxford (Catz) and the Bourne End Dogs to raise money for Emilie’s Charities. The Dogs beat the Catz in the final over in this year’s match to level the series at two all.

The Catz and Dogs 2012 teams

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Italian coast to coast cycle ride

In 2007 Jon Clegg cycled with friends from St Albans coast to coast across Italy and raised money for Emilie’s Charities.

Jon Clegg, friends and trustee steeds

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Emilie’s Cape Ride (by Keith Fletcher)

Every March since 1978 Cape Town, South Africa has closed its roads for a day and opened its arms to thousands of cyclist to ride the 108km around the Cape peninsula.  The ride is sponsored by the local paper, the Cape Argus and is also listed as one of the Golden Bike Series of the Union of Cyclists Internationale (UCI) and attracts around 35,000 competitors!

Weary riders on the final approach into Cape Town

Though technically not a race participants are organised into groups of 200 or so riders with the fastest groups leaving first through to the “fun riders” at the end.  Such is the fame of the event that riders come from all over the world to compete and there is an elite men’s and women’s race which starts of at around 6:15 in the morning.  The course record is held by Robbie Hunter who achieved 2 hrs and 27 mins in 2008 and Anke Erlank-Moore rode in 2 hrs 48 mins in 2007.  The fastest amateur riders will get around in under 3 hours but most will take 4 to 7 hours to complete the course.

The ride starts and finishes in Cape Town and in between it travels around the Cape hugging the coast for most of its length through some of the best cycling scenery in the world at a temperature of around 30C.  At one point the riders find themselves on a motorway for several miles at speeds of up to 40 miles and hour.  Though the scenery is exquisite it is nevertheless a tough course with some steep hills sprinkled at the beginning, middle and end.   Just when you think it is all over comes Suikerbossie, a hill of around a kilometre but at a gradient of around 14% which is not what is needed on tired legs.  From the top of the hill it is plain sailing downhill (mostly) into Cape Town and the finish.

The famous Chapman’s Peak corniche where rock falls are a constant hazard

I competed in 7 consecutive events and the last one for Emilie’s Charities.  For any keen cyclist this is one for the bucket list.

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Emilie’s Picnic

Every two years a picnic, which around 200 people attend, is held in the garden of a house in Shawford. Fortunately the rain stopped in time for the 2012 event to go ahead. There was much dancing in Wellies!

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